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A subreddit for the community of UC Berkeley as well as the surrounding City of Berkeley, California. Welcome!#### Description A subreddit for the community of UC Berkeley as well as the surrounding City of Berkeley, California. Welcome!

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  1. No Witch Hunts

This is also a site-wide rule, but it bears repeating. Do not post something that could be construed as organizing a movement or negative response against an individual or group. You may post names and/or pictures so long as the original source of this information is reputable. Qualifying sources are left entirely to Moderator discretion. Examples of a reputable source may include: the University, a reputable paper or journal, or a government source. This rule only applies to people or groups who are not public entities.

  1. No Advertisements, Promotions, Surveys

You may not advertise or promote any product or service of absolutely any kind in this subreddit. Examples of an advertisement or promotion may include: job openings, housing requests, apps, websites, surveys, and/or campaigns. Exceptions may be allowed with moderator approval.

  1. You can troll, but there are limits

Trolling itself is not against the rules. However, any trolling that qualifies as excessive, confrontational, or aggressive is not allowed. Moderators make the final call as to where the dividing line is - so be nice.

  1. Use original titles

All news articles, or articles of any kind, must be submitted with the same title as the title of the article being linked. We'll remove any threads that violate this rule (since titles can't be edited after submission), and repeat offenders may be banned.

User Flairs

To assign your own flair, click the "edit" button next to your name on the right-hand bar. Any inappropriate flair will be removed and repeat offenders banned permanently. If you suspect someone is using official "UC Staff" flair and posing as a fake staff member, message the mods and we will remove it.

Useful Stuff

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Restaurant recommendations megathread

Stuff to do in Berkeley, by u/TrainerAurelia

The subreddit for people who want to talk about the City of Berkeley instead of UC Berkeley

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