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The very best comments on reddit as submitted by the users of reddit.#### Description #This subreddit features the very best commentary that reddit has to offer!

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#Our submission rules

Please read these and our submission guidelines before submitting your post.

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||| |:------|:-----| |1. This subreddit accepts links to singular comments, singular comment chains, and text posts from the reddit.com domain only. | Links to image/video posts or entire threads of comments are not acceptable. |2. Comments or self posts from certain subreddits may be automatically removed. | Here is our list of disallowed subreddits. To have your subreddit added to the "do not disturb list", message the mods | |3. Links to entire subreddits or user pages will be removed.| |4. Do not link to your own comments or self posts please. | |5. Provide Context! | If the comment you're linking to requires some context, just add "?context=3" to the URL. For a detailed explanation on why this is important, please see this thread. | |6. Please don't include the subreddit name in your submission title. | Our moderation bot includes that information automatically. | |7. Bot and in-character novelty account comments are not acceptable submission material. | Bot and in-character novelty account comments as submissions will be removed. Out of character comments for novelty accounts are fine. | |8. Celebrities | Everyday interaction with celebrities may not be suitable for /r/bestof and may be removed based on lack of quality | |9. Reposts | Please make sure to check /r/bestof/new to ensure that you are not reposting something that was posted recently. If you do repost a recent comment, your post will be removed in favor of the older post.

#Our commentary rules

Please keep in mind that due to the large population of the sub that these rules are your only warning.

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||| |:------|:-----| |1. Civility | Civility is required of commentators in /r/bestof. If you're unable to refrain from insulting others in your responses, then your responses, and possibly you, will be removed from the subreddit. |2. Gatekeeping/Content Policing | Do not post comments saying or implying posts do not belong here without backing up your claims. You are more than welcome to point out inconsistencies or express your skepticism, but saying things like 'ban this sub', 'this isn't bestof', 'how/why is this post bestof', and the like do not contribute to the sub and create a toxic atmosphere. |3. Novelty accounts and bots will be banned. | You're bad, and you should feel bad. |

#Some relevant subreddits

||| |:------|:-----| |/r/BestofRedditorUpdates/ | The best of updates from redditors who posted in help subreddits |/r/bestofTLDR | The best TL;DRs of reddit. | |/r/DailyDot | For when you want to catch up on all the reddit that you missed while you were sleeping, eating, vacationing, or otherwise AFK. | |/r/DefaultGems | For the very best gems that the default reddits have to offer! | |/r/DepthHub | For the best in-depth conversations to be found on reddit. | /r/GoodLongPosts | A automated subreddit for finding the best longform posts of reddit. | |/r/Help | For help with reddit. | |/r/MetaHub | For the best meta discussion to be found on reddit. | |/r/ModHelp | For help with modding on reddit. | |/r/MuseumOfReddit | Historic Posts and Comments | |/r/NewReddits | For the best (and worst) new reddits! | |/r/RedditorOfTheDay | For all you need to know (and maybe more) about a featured redditor. | |/r/ObscureSubreddits | All about interesting reddits which have fallen out of the limelight due to no fault of their own | |/r/SubredditOfTheDay | For a daily feature on a subreddit you've probably never heard of before. | |/r/ThankYou | For when a certain redditor needs a good, hard thanking. | |/r/TheoryOfReddit | For inquiring into what makes the Reddit community work and what we in the community can do to help make it better. | |/r/VeryPunny | For the best (and worst) pun threads on reddit. | |/r/WorstOf | For the best (and worst) trolls to be found on reddit. | |/r/weeklyreddit | For new and interesting subreddit discovery. | |/r/YouGotTold | Collection of fine retorts | |/r/BestOfNoPolitics| Bot run sub that collects all posts from /r/bestof and filters out political posts.

Please tag all NSFW posts as such.

If you're having trouble finding your submission, please feel free to message the moderators. Make sure to provide us with a link to the post in question and as long it meets all of the criteria, it will be set free!

^^^^^We ^^^^^reserve ^^^^^the ^^^^^right ^^^^^to ^^^^^remove ^^^^^posts, ^^^^^users, ^^^^^or ^^^^^comments ^^^^^at ^^^^^our ^^^^^own ^^^^^discretion.

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