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Changes to /r/COMEDY


  1. No memes.
    Memes are not comedy, even if they are funny. You can post them on r/COMEDYMEMES.

  2. Low quality posts and titles will be removed.
    Low quality titles such as "Check this out", "Look at this funny video", "Downvote me please", etc. will be removed. Cringe-worthy posts may be also removed.

  3. No spam.
    Repeatedly reposting content is not allowed.

  4. No self promotion.
    This is part of the no spamming rule. Excessively posting your own social media, podcast, etc. is not allowed. In addition, avoid using overly promotive titles such as "Check out this guy's channel", "Subscribe to this channel", etc. even if you are not promoting your own content. This rule isn't just a subreddit rule, excessive self promotion and spam is considered bad reddiquette.

  5. No NSFW/Gore is allowed on this sub whatsoever.

  6. No posting garbage. Vine compilations, try not to laugh videos, clickbait content, meme compilations, articles on non-comedic or non-satirical news fall under this rule.

  7. Don't harass other users.

For full explanation, read the FAQ


Please report rule breaking posts if you see them.

The /r/COMEDY spam filter is set to HIGH.

If you feel your post has been unjustly caught in the filter, don't hesitate to message the moderators and ask us to approve it.

You must be a redditor for at least 21 days before your account can post here. This is to help prevent spam.

URL shortener links are automatically removed, as they are often used to bypass spam filters and it makes moderation more difficult. However, site-specific short URLs such as youtu.be (Short YouTube URL) are okay.

Check your link before submitting. Make sure it does not lead to an error 404 page, content that is set to private, etc.

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  • /r/MildlyCrappy

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elon musk
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