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###1. Must fit sub. This sub is for so-bad-its-good humor. All posts must be images that are so stupid, juvenile, or generally bad that they become funny for the wrong reasons. Ironically bad posts are allowed, but ONLY if they could pass as something made unironically. Obvious satire is NOT allowed.

To determine if your post belongs, refer to this flowchart

###2. Must not be better suited for other popular humor subs. Posts that exhibit the distinct styles of other popular humor subs are not allowed. These subs include, but are not limited to: r/4PanelCringe, r/okbuddyretard, r/dankmemes, r/DeepFriedMemes, r/surrealmemes, and r/youngpeopleyoutube.

###3. Must not contain banned content. Posts that contain content from the banned content list will be removed. The list includes tropes and memes that are deemed unsuitable for this sub.

###4. No reposts. No content that has been posted in the last 3 months or is in the top 50 all-time posts.

###5. No gore. NSFW posts should also be marked NSFW. Content can be NSFW without containing nudity; for example, a post that describes an explicit sexual situation through text.

###6. Keep your video clips short. Anything longer than 10 seconds will be removed.

###7. Moderators' Discretion

Moderators reserve the right to remove any post they deem unfit for the subreddit, even if it doesn't explicitly break any rules. This is extremely subjective and mostly up to the judgement of the mods using it, so if you disagree with this rule being used to remove your post, let us know using modmail.

###Manual approval In order to maintain sub quality, all submissions must be manually approved by our mods to verify that the content fits with the sub. If you do not see your post appear, it's likely under review or has been removed. Please avoid submitting the same post multiple times, they'll all be removed, even if it fits.