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This subreddit is for general discussion of computers. Because the topic is so broad, please consider one of these subreddits to get better answers to your questions:

Technology Related:
/r/technology or /r/computek.

Building a Computer:
/r/buildapc or /r/buildapcforme.

Buying a Prebuilt PC

Buying a Laptop
/r/SuggestALaptop, /r/laptops, /r/GamingLaptops/, or /r/LaptopDeals.

Brand Specific Subreddits
/r/AcerAspireLaptops/, /r/ASUS/, /r/Dell/, /r/intel, /r/Amd

Help with a Virus or Malware
/r/24hoursupport, /r/techsupport.

Mac users
/r/apple or /r/applehelp.

General Computer Tips

Programming Tips
/r/learnprogramming or /r/programming

Sell or Buy Used Hardware
/r/hardwareswap /r/HardwareSwapUK /r/hardwareswapeu

Hardware Sales
/r/buildapcsales /r/BaPCSalesEurope


Linux Subreddits /r/linuxhardware /r/linux_devices

For everything else, Google is your friend! Make sure to check there first!

If your question doesn't quite fit in any of the above, or is not receiving answers elsewhere, feel free to ask it here.

The most common phrases the members use:

cooling system
cable management
sheet music
need help
please help

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