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A place to discuss conspiracies -- with the primary exception of domestic politics, especially US presidential politics, which we all know is a circus: the clowns on either side ultimately work for the same ringmaster.

Here on conspiracyNOPOL we discuss everything that conspiracy used to be: aliens, bigfoot, reptilians, tarot, astrology, synchromysticism, media fakery, shooting and terrorism hoaxes, and of course the classics like JFK and 9/11.

Believers and skeptics are welcome.#### Description #PURPOSE

On NOPOL we discuss all kinds of conspiracy theories, but try to avoid threads about the red Vs blue WWE-style nonsense known as 'politics'.


NOPOL was created on 5-Feb-2020, when the entire front page of r/conspiracy was filled with politics-related threads. Genuine conspiratorial discussion was washed out by political threads, most if not all of which gave the appearance of astroturfing.

With your help, we can build up NOPOL to become the default refuge for r/conspiracy users, and encourage r/conspiracy to return to its former glory.


Just be nice to people. Even if you disagree with somebody, be polite to them, and they will be polite to you. This is how adults used to behave not that long ago. All of us have been wrong about things in the past, maybe we are wrong about some of our opinions today, don't you think?

By remaining friendly and open to alternative perspectives, we give ourselves the best chance of undoing the myriad lies programmed into our brains from a young age by television, school, broader society, and even by conspiracy culture itself -- yes, there are liars on YouTube, too!



When you post a link to a YouTube video or a blog or what have you, please include a 'submission statement', i.e. an overview of the video/link, why you think people might find it interesting, this kind of thing.

Submission statements are typically (at least) one sentence per ten minutes reading/viewing time, i.e. a one-hour video submission statement should be at least six sentences long; anything shorter may be seen as "low effort". If in doubt, add more detail.

Missing or low effort submission statements will likely lead to deletion of the thread. The reason for this guideline is to encourage thoughtful posts and discourage link spamming, which does not help NOPOL in any way.


Crossposts get automatically removed. They encourage brigading, and are generally less engaging than brand new threads. Just create a new thread here on NOPOL (but please wait 48 hours -- see multipost rule).


A multipost is the same content posted within 48 hours to NOPOL + other subreddits (except

). It is redundant at best and spam at worst, please do not do this.

Multiposts will be locked and carry a 7-day ban. Repeat offenders or blatant spam posts will be removed altogether and carry a permanent ban.


All image posts are removed by default and require manual approval by a moderator. Please link to the original source content instead. Exceptions may be allowed if the source can't be posted.

NOPOL is not a meme sub, but occasional memes in the comments are usually okay.

#####NO REDDIT DRAMA Air reddit conspiracy-related grievances in this post only. Post your comment there, then link to it, e.g. "My thoughts on this topic in the NOPOL drama thread".

#####AVOID DEATH TALK The topic of death is often abused, so we strongly discourage it. If you or someone you know suffers a loss, kindly keep it to yourself. Thank you.

Where a death is claimed, the commenter may be offered a choice of 1) supplying confirmatory evidence; 2) editing or deleting the remark; 3) taking condolence leave (i.e. a ban).


TL;DR: to avoid mod action, please treat others with respect and post in good faith. Thank you :)


This is not a lolbertarian sub but we do believe that the best conversations happen when censorship is minimal.

Moderators may approve or remove any post at their discretion. If a post is removed, we will usually inform you (unless we suspect you are a spammer/bot).

Unless somebody is clearly spamming, or otherwise acting in bad faith, the chance of being moderated is slim-to-nil (even if they appear to have no interest or belief in conspiracy theories).


The current mods are all long-standing contributors to NOPOL who accepted invitations. If you are also interested, please send us a modmail.

No matter who is on the mod list, the philosophy will remain the same: so long as people are being nice to each other, and not spamming the sub with red vs blue political nonsense, there will be no need for moderation in the first place.


Please give NOPOL's mods the benefit of the doubt and use modmail to talk to us (no PMs, please). We check each other's actions to ensure rules are enforced fairly.

Accusations of abuse without evidence are considered misrepresentation (commenting in bad faith). Suspicions are not evidence, mods sometimes make mistakes.

Likewise, a lapse in judgment can happen to anyone. Expressing regret is appreciated if a line has been crossed, and humility is respected more than petulance or insults.

We know how much it sucks to be wrongly moderated / deleted / banned, so if this happens to you, just message the mods and we will try to get it sorted ASAP.

In the very unlikely event that your post or thread is wrongly deleted or otherwise impacted by a mod, please contact the sub founder directly: u/johnlebon


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