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Welcome to /r/Consulting, a place for current and former consultants. We welcome a broad range of topics on the front page, from news about specific firms, to working in consulting, to industry happenings, to lifestyle, to career planning. Jobseekers and those learning about the industry are welcome, but should use the appropriate megathreads instead of the front page.


Posting Guideline Highlights

Rule 0. All Reddit rules apply.

Rule 1. Posts should be relevant to consulting or to consultants. Commercial content is not welcome.

Rule 2. 'Learning about consulting' / 'how to get into consulting' posts and 'starting in consulting' posts should go into the stickied megathreads. Opinions / requests for information about specific firms should go in the "Interested in Consulting" megathread. Posts of this nature on the front page will be removed without notice. Please read the wiki for commonly asked questions.

Rule 3. Do not post illegal content or confidential materials.

Rule 4. Be a professional and be constructive / Don't be an asshole and don't be abusive.

Rule 5. No advertisements, "free" products, homework help, surveys, blogs, or any other spam.

The above only represents highlights of the rules. It is NOT a replacement for reading the full Posting Guidelines for complete details about these rules. By posting, we expect that you have read and understood all rules.


Feel free to edit your flair to reflect the industry you consult in or program you're studying!



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Please no head hunter job postings

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