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/r/cringe is the place for videos, articles, or personal stories involving an awkward or embarrassing situation for two or more people involved.

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||| |:------|:-----| |1) Content must depict an embarrassing interaction between two or more people. | Cringe-worthy content needs to be an awkward or embarrassing social interaction. No disgusting, rage-inducing, or NSFL content. | |2) Do not post content that includes anyone under the age of 18. This is a bannable offense. | Want to post a cringe-worthy story/video of yourself when you were a minor? Try /r/blunderyears. | |3) No content that includes or focuses on the mentally ill or disabled. This is a bannable offense.|
|4) Be descriptive with your titles. | Posts with generic or vague titles will be removed. Don't use the word 'Cringe' in the title. If you aren't sure, message us in modmail. | |5) Do NOT submit content that is scripted OR is intentionally awkward. | Scripted content not allowed. Fake content intending to be cringe-worthy is not allowed.| |6) No posting of any mirrored content. No spam or promotion of any kind (including but not limited to youtube channel promotion.)| Why we don't allow mirrors.| |7) No mobile links. | Delete the "m." in the link before you submit. |8) Music videos belong in r/crappymusic | This also includes parodies and musical ads.|


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||| |:------|:-----| |1) DO NOT POST COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE VIDEOS! | Keep all comments about the video in /r/cringe. |2) Posting personal information of ANY kind is NOT allowed. | This includes real names and usernames. | |3) Be civil. Bullying/fighting words of any form are a bannable offense. | Flamewars, drama, hostility, fighting words, and insults are not permitted. If you see any of these, please report them.| |4) No posting mirrors of content. | Why we don't allow mirrors |


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||| |:------|:-----| |We do not track "offenses." | This means that any violation of our rules may result in a ban, even if it's your first offense. |Please downvote and report submissions that clearly don't belong in this subreddit.|Use the sidebar as a guideline for what content is or isn't allowed. If a submission clearly breaks the rules, report it so we can take care of it.|


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||| |:------|:-----| |If the subject of cringing interests you check out "Cringeworthy: A Theory of Awkwardness" by Melissa Dahl, there's even a chapter about us!|

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