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WARNING! This Subreddit contains images which users may find disturbing or unsettling! Proceed at your own discretion.

All of the images posted here MUST be cursed. We DO NOT allow memes here.#### Description DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/kT5ybRt

Read this post for an understanding of cursed images. Images which don't follow these rules will not be approved.

For those who do not like rules, try out r/cursedimagesanarchy.

Rules: If your image doesnt comply with these, we will not approve it.

  1. All posts must have "cursed_" in the title. Don't forget the underscore!

  2. YOU MUST READ THE STICKY. moderators reserve the right to remove any post in violation of the sticky.

  3. All of Reddit's current rules apply to this subreddit. That is, no Doxing, Bigotry, Harrassment, Hatespeech, or incitement of violence.

  4. No images where the sole focus is obscene nudity. That is, no porn.

  5. No images where the death of/ grievous injury to an animal or human is the focus of the image.

  6. No images that are clearly digitally altered. Including faceswaps, memes, and collages.

6a. If the image is photoshopped, yet convincing, it may be allowed.

  1. Do not crosspost, we don't like crosstraffic from other subs. Also, do not repost from r/hmmm or r/funny, we are not either of those subreddits.

  2. No shitposting. We have gotten absolutely everything, you are not and will not be funny/appreciated by doing this. This means no Memes, pictures of food, T-posing, comic strips, LOLrAnDom bullshit, emojis, Thanos, or other low effort trash. Moderators reserve the right to remove any post they judge to be in violation of this rule.

  3. No advertising. Nobody wants to hear about your SoundCloud or your twitter accounts or your brand new subreddit.


Original Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/cursedimages