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Welcome to r/Death, where death and dying are open for discussion.#### Description Welcome to /r/Death, where death and dying are open for conversation. Our goal is to create a community in which a healthy discussion of mortality can occur. This is not a pro-suicide or self-harm subreddit.


  • 1. Be respectful and follow reddiquette. This is a discussion sub; if someone has an opinion you don't like, either move along, or calmly debate

  • 2. Do not preach. This is a reddit for conversation not conversion.

  • 3. No gore. There are other subreddits for that.

  • 4. No spam.

  • 5. No memes or joke posts.

  • 6. Please no suicide threats or posts about suicide. This includes theoretical discussions about "the best way to die" or to kill oneself.

  • 7. Absolutely no requests for money. Try /r/Assistance.

  • 8. Do not post obituaries. There is a subreddit, /r/obituaries, for those type of posts.

  • 9. Please discuss other people's fears about death with compassion rather than dismissal.

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