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A community for former Christians of all denominations. We are here to support all questioning or former Christians and encourage you wherever your path may take you.

Visit our Resource Page (https://www.reddit.com/r/exchristian/wiki/resources) for help.

We have a FAQ!
https://www.reddit.com/r/exchristian/wiki/faq#### Description ##Welcome to /r/exchristian!

We are a supportive community for ex-Christians or those who are questioning their religion. Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories, vent feelings, or just have a casual chat. We also have a discord server!

Are you looking for help? Try our new Resource wiki page!

We have a FAQ! Please read it before posting or commenting.

##Rules ##1. Your post should be relevant.

  • Posts should be related to ex-Christianity, and/or the ex-Christian experience.

##2. No spam posts.

  • Advertising, irrelevant posts, and spam are not allowed and are subject to removal.
  • All self-promo must be run by the mods first.

##3. No preaching, proselytizing, or provoking.

  • Non-Christian opinions and beliefs are welcomed and encouraged. However, do not try pushing your belief system onto others, Christian, ex-Christian, or otherwise.
  • Christians are welcome here only so long as they're looking to learn or seek help. Christians defending Christianity or arguing for their favorite interpretation of Christianity will be removed.

##4. Be respectful.

  • Mind the community that you are in. Many people here are victims of traumatic experiences.
  • Though profane language is permitted, rude behaviour towards each other in this sub is not.
  • Remember reddiquette.

##5. No low effort posts.

##6. No Cross-Posting from Religious Subreddits

  • In order to prevent brigading, you cannot cross-post from a religious sub (r/Christianity, r/Catholic, r/Mormon, etc) to here. You can take a screen shot of a post and post the image but the user's name, subreddit, and other identifying info must be censored.

##7. No personally identifying information.

  • Facebook profiles, reddit usernames, full real names, phone numbers, credit card info, etc. must be censored.

##Full rules here.

#If you see a disrespectful user, do not engage; report it to the mods, and move on.

Warnings will be given to offenders at the discretion of the moderators. Repeat offenders will be banned from this subreddit.

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