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This is a tech support sub for Meta/Facebook. We only allow technical support questions and articles that elate to the entity known as Meta/Facebook.#### Description THE MODS OF THIS SUBREDDIT ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH FACEBOOK. SENDING A MESSAGE NOT ADKNOWLEDGING THIS WILL GET YOU BANNED, BLOCKED, AND MUTED.

Welcome to /r/Facebook.

This sub is for:

  • Posting technical support questions not related to you being banned/jailed from Meta/Facebook.
  • Posting articles about the platform
    • This can include videos as long as they are not your own Youtube videos and are "professional" in nature.

This sub is NOT for:

  • Complaining about the platform; you have all of Reddit to do that.
  • Telling OP very unhelpful information like "just delete your facebook" when they are asking for help.
  • Asking about how to get out of "Facebook Jail".
  • Asking about your hacked account.
    • This rule is in place due to spammers. They are BAD. This is an example of comments from one post from hackers attempting to get OP to contact them. IF YOU SEE THESE PEOPLE ALWAYS REPORT THEM TO ADMINS.
    • No one here can help you with that.
    • If you wish to find a place dedicated to talking about being jailed from Facebook, go to /r/facebookdisabledme.
  • Posting anything looking like a meme.
  • Posting that Facebook is down.
    • If you want to verify if Facebook is down go to: http://downrightnow.com/facebook
  • Posting anything that shows identifiable information (your real name, your friends, etc). The exception to this rule is if the information includes a celeberty and conforms to the two bullet points that are accepted here.
  • Posting Clickbait articles.

Posting anything against the rules will get you a minimum of a three day ban and muted from modmail. Please note that /r/facebookhelp has been retired.

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  • /r/Facebookdisabledme | /r/facebookjail/ - Subs where you can go if you have been sent to Facebook Jail/Banned from Facebook.
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