Game Design: The Art of Crafting Rulesets

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For topics related to the design of games for interactive entertainment systems - video games, board games, tabletop RPGs, or any other type. /r/GameDesign is not a subreddit about general game development, nor is it a programming subreddit. This is a place to talk about Game Design and what it entails.

Use this community to network, discuss crafting rulesets and general game design, and share game design tips with other game designers. Designers of all experience levels are welcome!#### Description


#What is /r/GameDesign?

Game Design is a subset of Game Development that concerns itself with WHY games are made the way they are. It's about the theory and crafting of mechanics and rulesets.

If you're confused about what game designers do, "The Door Problem" by Liz England is a short article worth reading.

This is NOT a place for discussing how games are produced. Posts about programming, making assets, picking engines etc… will be removed and should go in /r/gamedev instead.

Posts about visual art, sound design and level design are only allowed if they are also related to game design.

Game Designers of all experience levels are welcome!

If you're new to /r/GameDesign, please read the GameDesign wiki for useful resources and an FAQ.


#Posting rules

  1. DO NOT post about general Game Development, e.g. "how do I fix this problem in Unity?" or "how do I get a job in the game industry?" Try /r/gamedev instead. All submissions must be related to Game Design.
  1. DO NOT post self-promotion, sales, low-effort posts, memes, jokes, etc. Show-off posts are only allowed as game design case studies (Tell us how/ why you developed an interesting game design concept in your game)
  1. DO NOT link to an article or video without providing a short summary.
  1. Please be civil.

Please report any submissions or comments violating these rules using the report button.


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