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The goal of /r/hardware is a place for quality hardware news, reviews, and intelligent discussion.#### Description The goal of /r/hardware is a place for quality hardware news, reviews, and intelligent discussion.

/r/hardware is not the place to come for help of any kind. This includes tech support and PC building questions.


Rule | Description :--|:-- Follow the Reddit Content Policy | You can find it here. TL;DR: If you can't say something respectfully, don't say it at all. Insults and personal attacks aren't welcome here. Posts should be about hardware| Posts should be about hardware news, reviews, technical discussion or how-tos and buyers guides. Please use the "suggest title" button for link submissions, or copy the title of the original link. Do NOT editorialize the title of the submission (minor changes for clarity may be acceptable). No memes, jokes, or direct links to images | Memes, direct image links, and low effort content will be removed. This includes both posts and comments. Images submitted as self posts must include an informative description for context. Top level comments must be substantive and contain more than 20 characters. No tech support or PC building questions | These belong in /r/techsupport or /r/buildapc. This includes "which should I get?" posts. Most questions don't belong here | We allow intelligent discussion posts, but this isn't the place to come for help. If your post asks a question about a specific product or need, it probably belongs elsewhere. This includes 'What should I buy?', 'Does a ____ do what I need?', 'How much is _____ worth?' and 'How long until (something obvious) happens?' type questions. Rumor Policy | No unsubstantiated rumors - Rumors or other claims/information not directly from official sources must have evidence to support them. Any rumor or claim that is just a statement from an unknown source containing no supporting evidence will be removed. Misc. Rules | No content behind paywalls. No submissions to streaming sites outside of event megathreads. No submissions to crowdfunding sites or ongoing campaigns. No self-edtiorialized titles, just copy the title of the site, with the exception of clickbait titles. No bots.

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Spam and self promotion are not allowed. Users who want to post links to their website should be aware of the reddit definition of spam and read this article concerning self promotion on reddit. The 10% rule is enforced on /r/hardware; repeat offenders and/or your website or channel may be banned.

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