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  1. - Mats Sundin: "I would't trade the core of the Toronto Maple Leafs for any other core around the league. They're going to have chances to win a championship... I'm very, very optimistic about what management of the Leafs has done to build this young core of great players... It's coming."

  2. - merci marty

  3. - My wife is Minnesotan. A few months ago I met her family for the first time, and her cousin’s son was appalled by my Red Wings tattoo. I promised him I would get a tattoo of a Wild player if he would draw me a good Zuccarello. Today I made good on that promise.

  4. - Jim Rutherford on his assessment of the Canucks: "We win a number of games because we have a franchise goalie. He makes up for a lot of our shortcomings."

  5. - Fuck do I love this.

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