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The r/homeschool community is a place to share homeschool resources, advice, news, curriculum, and learning support for redditors who are homeschooling, unschooling, or educating their children at home (or considering it). Welcome to the largest home education subreddit!#### Description

Reddit's Homeschooling Community

Basic Community Rules: This reddit exists to help each other homeschool children. To that end:

  1. Please be supportive, and kind to one another.

  2. Keep debates about religion out of this subreddit:

    a. This is not the place to debate or attack religious beliefs.

    b. Nor is it the place for people to attempt to sell their beliefs.

    c. Links which have religious overtones are acceptable (many homeschoolers are religious).

  3. Stay focused on what everyone (hopefully) wants: To raise smart, well-rounded, responsible children.

  4. Spamming your blog/YouTube without also engaging in the sub will result in a ban.

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