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Welcome to r/HowTo! Where you can learn how to do anything and everything yourself! Need advice on how to start a podcast or how to fix your car? It's all here from A-Z!#### Description

  • A repository for informative & interesting how-tos (tutorials, guides, etc...)

These kinds of posts will get REMOVED

  • Requests for help evading parental/school/workplace firewalls and filters

  • Requests for pirated software, videos etc

  • Food recipes (try /r/foodhacks)

  • Memes, image macros, plain-text image posts.

###These kinds of posts will be removed and the user BANNED

  • Spam (especially blogspam).
  • Attacking or being aggressive to others.
  • Personal information.

The mods also reserve the right to remove any particularly bad quality posts at their discretion.

If you see anyone breaking the rules above, please report the post and/or message the mods.

If something is not reported, it will most likely slip past us. Reporting it brings it to our attention and will definitely be looked at by someone.

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