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/r/insaneparents is a weird place where you can post those crazy parents who post in those woo-woo anti-vax groups on facebook and do things harmful (directly and indirectly) to their children. Things posted here do not have to be physically abusive. Abusive and insane are not mutually exclusive. The Anti-Vax mom you know isn't legally abusive, but you know she's insane for not vaxxing her kid.#### Description InsaneParents Community Discord

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Came across a prime example of insane parenting? Post about it here!

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  1. No identifying information.

    • Do not link directly to social media accounts. NO MATTER WHAT.
    • Verified accounts do not need to be blocked out. They are public figures.
  2. Please submit links to actual news stories. While screenshots are allowed ensure you provide the source article in the comments. If you do not your post will be removed. This is to ensure misinformation is not spread.

    • 2b. News stories submitted must have taken place within the last 30 - 90 calendar days.
      • This is to ensure news stories presented are relevant and not simply for outrage.
  3. No direct links or screenshots to reddit posts or comments.

    • This rule is here to prevent Vote Brigading in other subreddits or harassment of other users. If you see a relevant story or post on reddit it is okay to share it here - we recommend you use archive.org for linking a thread to post here. If you are unsure how to do this there is a tutorial on our wiki right here
  4. We ask that you also flair your post to make it searchable.

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  5. Accounts believed to be spam accounts will be permabanned.

    • Examples of this include a new account spamming advertisements, the "spread this to every sub" type posts, promoting your youtube channel, other self-promo, and other unrelated content.
  6. Be excellent to each other.

    • This is a place for civil discussion. Dissenting opinions are allowed; however, keep things civil, and do not harass others. Respect each other and respect the OP.
    • We have a zero tolerance policy for bigotry.
    • Don't be a dick to others.
  7. No fake posts.

    • If your post is confirmed to be fake you are subject to a permanent ban. You have been warned.
  8. No posts that have been posted in the last 2 months, common reposts, or posts currently in the top 25 posts of all time.

    • This is also here to prevent lazy karma farming / karma whoring.
  9. No medical or legal advice, ever. This sub will not be party to teens giving other teens shitty medical or legal advice.

    • 9b. No Anti-Vax bullshit, Conspiracy Theories, or Conspiracism.
      • Any kind of conspiracy theories, conspiracism, or anti-vax rhetoric here will be met with a zero tolerance policy. We are not obligated to platform misinformation outside of mocking it.
  10. No Memes, Image Macros, or other non-forms of communication.

    • This sub focuses on a very specific kind of content, and this rule is here to regulate what content will be removed. This includes memes, image macros, random images of objects such as doors or cameras, non-social media posts, and anything not an email, sms message, or social media post. All fall for removal under this rule. Other examples include youtube comments, quora posts, any review-esque posts, etc.
    • Please take all Memes to /r/insaneparentsmemes
  11. Posts must be in English.

    • OP's translations do not count -- whether they're in the comments or to the side of the image. The submissions or images themselves must be in English.

Content guidelines:

  1. Social media posts and news articles are fair game.

  2. If your post contains graphic descriptions of abuse, please attach an appropriate warning - either by marking it NSFW or indicating so in the title. There is also a page on our wiki with steps to help you report abuse to the proper authorities.

  3. Non-Serious posts must be properly flaired.

    • Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Youtube comments, and Review-esque posts are banned.
  4. Your post must not contain watermarks of any kind, including but not limited to watermarks automatically added by apps like Reddit Mobile upon saving an image.

  5. Posts may be removed at a moderators discretion. If we feel a post does not fit in the box of insane parents - it will be removed. We are driving at quality over quantity.

  6. If you have any further questions - please consult our wiki.

SMS (text) Message guidelines

  1. Must be properly cropped.

  2. Any type of multi-photo (collage) or long-form screenshot must be broken apart and put into an imgur album.

    • Generally we allow people to collage 2-3 screenshots together; however, that is up to the mod that reviews it. Your best bet is always to put anything more than 2 into an imgur album.
  3. No posts of single text messages.

    • We do not want people taken out of context.
    • We also review posts with few texts showing as well.
    • Context is king.
  4. Context (What you say happened in the comments is not context. The message exchange and your title are it.)

  5. Post must be in English.

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