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A subreddit about photography techniques and styles. Post your work here to ask for critique, or browse the submissions and learn how photography techniques are achieved.#### Description

Winner's photo Photo of the Month by /u/SirHendrok

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A subreddit about photography techniques and styles.

####RULES #####(Hover for more info) ####Submissions should be:

###A photograph

  • No paintings, illustrations or heavily altered images.

###A photograph that you took

  • You must be the author of the photos posted. Plagiarism is not tolerated.
  • If you have concerns of plagiarism, please contact the mod team directly with proof.

###A single photograph

  • Albums and other images can be posted in comments.
  • Panoramas, stacked images, panographs and double exposures are allowed.

###A photograph that demonstrates an effort to teach/learn technique or artistic style, or which is being shared as an example of quality photography

  • Submitters must participate in the discussion. Whether it's a photographer asking the community at large what they could have done better, or users asking how to achieve a look or effect, posters are expected to contribute to the comments section and keep the discussion on-topic.
  • No snapshots. Your photo should be well-composed, have an obvious subject, feature good use of color/tone and/or texture, have interesting lighting, and make purposeful use of depth of field.

###All submission titles must start with "ITAP" and only describe the contents of the image

  • Keep titles short and concise, and compose a literal, objective description of the subject.
  • Do not include your intention, reaction, interpretation, backstory, process, equipment, social media info, click-bait, memes, or emoji. Do not write in all caps. Any additional information should be added in a comment if you'd like to provide it.

###Mona Lisa Monday — [MLM]

  • Photos with a primary focus on one person staring, looking or thinking, without any other interesting action are limited to Mondays (Midnight - Midnight, UTC).
  • Photos of people in a state of action, reaction or interaction, or share their focus with an interesting setting or background, employ some unique photography technique or have exceptional / atypical styling (hair, makeup, studio setups) are not subjected to this rule and are allowed throughout the week.
  • Mona Lisa Monday submission titles must include the [MLM] tag.

Mona Lisa Monday is currently not active.
MLM will begin in about 2 days, 11 hours.

###No reposts

  • A photo may be submitted to r/itookapicture only once.

######Posting Suggestions

  • Use flickr or imgur as they are RES friendly. Link directly to the image URL.
  • Avoid URL shorteners and personal blogs/websites if you want to skip reddit's spam filter.
  • Comment on your submission with basic information: What gear you used, your camera settings and 1-2 sentences on how and why the photograph was created. This is the best way to avoid getting flagged as a snapshot if you’re a beginner. You're welcome to ask questions about things you're unsure of as well (in the comments).
  • If you want others to look at, vote and critique your photo, you need to make an effort to engage with commenters, answer questions and respond to criticism.
  • Don’t take offense to negative feedback. Understanding your mistakes and shortcomings is the best way to overcome them in future work.

######Commenting Guidelines

  • Constructive criticism is what this sub is here for. Structure your feedback on what you like about the photo, what you don’t like, how you would improve it. “Great Photo” may be a nice compliment, but it does nothing to help the submitter or other readers.
  • Abusive language will result in a ban. This includes insults, swearing and sexual comments.
  • Off-topic comments unrelated to the photo will be removed.

######Additional Terms

  • By submitting your photos to /r/itookapicture, you are implicitly consenting to allowing your photos to be submitted to our Instagram account (@Reddit_ITAP). However, if at any time you do not wish to have your photo shared on IG, you may opt out by stating so, whether it is at the time it is posted on ITAP, by contacting the mods directly, or in the comments on either the Reddit or Instagram posts.

For more info visit our rules FAQ page.

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