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A subreddit for discovering the people, language, and culture.#### Description /r/Japanese is a subreddit for bilingual discussion and exchange centering on Japan, its people, language and culture. We welcome posts about Japan and cultural exchange in Japanese and English.


#Translation requests ・ 翻訳

Translation and transcription/transliteration requests are not allowed in /r/japanese. Please submit these to /r/translator instead. Posts asking for them anyway will be removed, and the poster may be temporarily banned. This rule includes

  • requests for transcription/transliteration,

  • translation checks/proofreading including homework help,

  • all handwriting posts,

  • "what's the difference between X and Y",

  • item identifications

and so on. Such posts will be removed; repeat offenders and posters found to be deliberately evading the Automoderator warnings will be banned.

#No "how do I learn" posts

Broad questions on how to learn Japanese, kanji, what app/textbook to start with, etc. are not allowed. Please check our list of FAQs before posting your question. See the r/LearnJapanese Starter's Guide for information on how to get started.

Click here for the full rules.

Furigana ふりがなの書き方

To create furigana in your posts, use the following syntax: このコードを書いたら

[漢字](#fg "かんじ")

This will display as "漢字". 「漢字」になります。

The quotation marks are not optional. クォーテーションマークは必要です。

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