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The Ketogenic Diet is a low carbohydrate method of eating. /r/keto is place to share thoughts, ideas, benefits, and experiences around eating within a Ketogenic lifestyle.

Helping people with diabetes, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders, acid reflux, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and a number of other issues, every day.#### Description

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1: Read the FAQ before posting. A post is subject to IMMEDIATE deletion and locking if it is clear the poster has not read the FAQ before posting.

2: Stay on topic. Off topic posts include: cheat posts, posts about other diets/others that are not eating keto, "farewell" posts, posts asking how to stop keto and resume a "normal" diet, etc. Off topic discussions will only be allowed in the Daily Community Support thread and will otherwise be removed and locked.

2.a: Why no cheat posts? In addition to being off-topic, cheat posts are specifically against the rules of this subreddit because they are negative, defeatist, and can serve as a trigger to those who are struggling.

3: Be respectful and accurate. Personal attacks, threats, inappropriate/sexual comments, threadcrapping, intellectual dishonesty, posting misinformation, excessively aggressive posting, and sexualizing/insulting/minimizing posts on progress pictures will not be allowed. These sorts of posts may result in a permanent ban with no prior warning. Please see the Community Guidelines for a more detailed explanation of what types of comments are in violation of this rule.

3.a: Zero tolerance will be afforded to posts containing racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or other identity-based slurs (i.e., insulting a person's ability/disability, looks, etc.).

4: No low effort posts. Low effort posts are: title-only posts, posts with under 200 characters including those that contain only links to articles or images/memes, and posts asking questions that are explicitly answered in the FAQ. Save your memes for r/ketocirclejerk

5: No self-promotion. This includes posts linking to or containing: personal blogs/channels/websites/social media pages, affiliate/referral links, or surveys for market research or educational purposes. If you are posting progress pictures with a watermark we ask that the watermark contain your Reddit username only.

6: Do not ask r/keto for medical advice. Reddit is not a replacement for your doctor. Do not solicit or offer medical advice on this subreddit.

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