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The community for those interested in faithful discussions related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members, known colloquially as "Mormons".#### Description #Welcome to /r/lds #Reddit's Faithful Latter-day Saint Community

This is the reddit community for faithful discussion concerning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons or Latter-day Saints. All are invited to faithfully participate, contribute, and ask questions provided they are respectful of Latter-day Saints and their beliefs, and are not involved in undermining the faith elsewhere.

The main goals of /r/lds are to promote faith in the LDS church, provide each contributor value and meaning through a faithful community, enable each member to achieve their faithful goals, and provide inspirational leadership.

For more information about the Latter-day Saints please visit mormon.org where you can get to know the people, learn about our beliefs centered in Jesus Christ, and request free material such as The Book of Mormon or The Bible.

Recent news about Latter-day Saints may be found in the LDS Newsroom and the latest spiritual messages from LDS leaders are given at semi-annual conferences. Those interested in our rich history may enjoy this site as well.

##Rules for Posting

Content Should be Faithful - All participation should be faithful and respectful toward Latter-day Saints and their beliefs. We do not advocate censorship and encourage dissenting views to be expressed freely in other subreddits where that is appropriate. We do ask however that this community be a place where all can come to learn about and participate in faithful perspectives. /r/latterdaysaints is another option that is more open toward sharing dissenting perspectives.

All Reddit activity of participants should reflect a genuine attempt to promote faithfulness in the LDS church. If this is not one of your core values, please have enough integrity to withhold participation in this sub (this includes downvotes).

Be Civil - Be polite. Personal attacks and insults are not appropriate in this sub. Remember that we are all children of God, and treat each other accordingly.

No Inappropriate Language - No foul language or NSFW content that is not appropriate for all age groups.

No Politics - All content with clear political agendas will be removed and should be discussed in more appropriate subreddits.

Use Non-Participation Links - Honor reddit's non-participation guidelines when linking to other subreddits. Please don't link to subs that are critical of the Church.

Reporting - If any post or comment violates the policies of the community, or if any discussion becomes contentious, please press the "report" button on the offending post or comment(s) so that the moderators can look into it. Though we will err, let's err on the side of maintaining high standards.

Gray Area - No set of policies is perfect and tough calls often have to be made. Moderators reserve the right to have final say on anything that falls into gray area.

tl;dr: If you're critical of the Church or its leaders here or anywhere else on Reddit, please find a different subreddit to participate in.

Privacy- For those who feel private faithful discussions would better meet their needs, please contact the moderators of /r/TCOJCOLDS who would be happy to give known users access to this community that serves that purpose.

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