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For public, academic, special, and prospective librarians discussing librarianship, library management, information science and any topic relevant to this profession.#### Description ####Subreddit Rules ####Message the mods ####Useful Links

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  1. Focus - All posts must be directly related to librarians and librarianship. Posts about libraries may be allowed if they discuss librarians or an aspect of librarianship. Post solely about libraries are not allowed and will be removed.

  2. Uncivil and disrespectful behaviour - Everyone is welcome. Remember the human and please use a civil tone when entering a discussion. Please follow redditquette.
    Disrespectful and uncivil behaviour will be met with a warning, and repeat violations will be met with a ban.

  3. Prohibited posts and content - Promotional material or posts, memes, sales links, piracy, plagiarism, low quality book lists, sensationalist headlines, novelty accounts, low effort content, inflammatory and disrespectful content is not allowed and will be removed. No posts about libraries, unless they discuss librarians or an aspect of librarianship.

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  5. Masters surveys/interviews/assignment help - Rule 3.1.1 Surveys, interviews, polls, or assignment help for masters or further education courses are allowed, provided they are for education purposes only and allow for users to contact the person posting privately. In any case, please contact the mod team before posting for approval.

  6. "What's that book called?"/"Can you help me find this book?" - Rule 3.9. Posts about or relating to "what's that book called?" or "can you help me find this book?" are not allowed. Contact your local library or post instead to /r/whatsthatbook or /r/tipofmytongue.

  7. Be involved - We encourage our subreddit members to please report any post or comment that does not follow our rules and that the mod team has the final say.

  8. If unsure about posting, contact the mods - If you want to post in this subreddit, we strongly advise you to read the r/librarians full rules and guidelines. If you are still unsure whether your post is relevant and does not violate our rules, please contact the mod team.

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