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Discuss your favourite lyrics here. Share your lyrical works - finished or in progress - and ask for feedback. Share tips and discuss ways of working in the lyrical field. Or simply ask for help finding or interpreting a set of lyrics you're having trouble with. This community is here to offer a friendly place for all the above.#### Description Welcome to r/lyrics

Feel free to post any and all lyrics here but please see below for the appropriate formatting scheme.

Each post name should be the name of the band/singer and song title (i.e. Name - Song). Posts should then look like this:

lyrics in italic

Meaning of lyrics/feelings on song underneath in basic writing (no italics or bold please).

Link to youtube video here.

Link posts to other lyric sites are accepted but can and will be deleted by moderators if the site is considered unsafe or riddled with pop-ups.

Note: link posts which appear to be spammy (i.e. whole albums of lyrics posted without care), solely for the purpose of boosting external website rankings or performance, will be removed. Users will receive one warning, with continued spam being a bannable offence.

The most common phrases the members use:

never gonna
from above
nothing left
feel real
another victim

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