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A community of headache disease sufferers. Whether migraines, cluster headaches, or whatever head pain you experience. We support each other, and spread knowledge about our various conditions.#### Description

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Follow these, and everyone will be happy. Don't and we'll all be sad.

A more complete list of rules can be found here.

  • Always talk with your doctor first.
  • No medical advice.
  • Be respectful.
  • No surveys without pre-approval.
  • Cite your sources if possible.
  • Tag any image that may trigger as NSFW.

If you see a post that may be violating a rule, report it and select the appropriate rule.

Self Promotion rules

We get a lot of blog posts and self promotion content. In response, all self promoters must follow reddits' guidelines for self promotion. We reserve the right to remove content from users with insufficient community participation, excessive links/posts, or content better suited for ads. Sometimes you just need to support reddit and pay for that ad space instead!

The goal of this subreddit is for members/users to ask/ answer migraine-related questions in order to help one another understand the disease better. You may give your opinion but please do not give medical advice; it is a violation of the reddit terms of service to do so. Personal stories and support are welcome. Scientific proof/data is welcome but please cite the proper sources.


Crisis resources

You can find a list of crisis hotlines on this wiki. There's also an FAQ about what to expect when calling.

For medical help, the emergency room is always the first choice. Most insurance offers nurse help lines as well.

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The most common phrases the members use:

blood pressure
panic attacks
full time
nasal spray
stop being

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