Mind Blowing

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Interesting things that'll blow your mind into 100 dumb pieces and more.

The subreddit is currently private for a through cleaning and overhaul.#### Description

Let Me Blow Your Mind

Be nice. No racism, bigotry, or offensive behavior.

Keep it Mind-Blowing. Posts should be extremely impressive, surprising, exciting, terrifying, etc. If it's not any of these, it probably doesn't belong here.

URL shorteners aren't allowed. Just post the link the shortened link points to.

Threads must have unambiguous titles. Titles must describe the content of the post/why it's interesting/it can be a bit humorous too.

No low effort or low quality content. We are trying to make /r/mindblowing a subreddit where people go to for interesting and cool posts.

No self-promotion. Reddit cites a 10:1 ratio for self-promotion. The short explanation of this rule means that you should participate in the subreddit, not just submit links to your channel or site and leave.

NSFW posts must be tagged. If they haven't been marked, they will be removed (and not reinstated).

Please don't complain if you think something isn't mind-blowing. We want to encourage people to contribute here. If you feel it violates the rules click report.

The most common phrases the members use:

light years
buddhist temple
vampire squid
central disc
genetic information

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