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NetHack strategy, tips, and discussion.#### Description Subreddit in order to discuss strategies, tips, and other help in order to ascend in the NetHack game - The Greatest Game You Will Ever Play — and its variants.

Please clarify the version/variant you are posting about by tagging your post at the beginning of the title, for example: [3.4.3], [3.6.0], [SLASH'EM], [Fourk], [dNetHack] etc. If you forgot and realize after posting, please add the appropriate link/post flair!

NetHack has been updated for the first time in over 10 years - check out the new version 3.6.0 at nethack.org! Download it or play it directly on NAO!

NETHACK 3.4.3. (and 3.6.0+, where applicable)

nethack.org: Official website and game download.

nethackwiki.com: Detailed game information on nearly any subject. Beware of spoiling yourself! Or don't. Either way, do not use the older, out of date wikia! Contains a lot of variant info.

IRC web interface: Enter a nick and #nethack as channel (or use an IRC client, or IRC browser add-on to connect).

nethack.alt.org: The most well-known online NetHack server. Please read the available documentation/FAQs on site — NAO 3.4.3 includes many bugfixes and patches.

NetHack Scoreboard: Retrieves logfiles from multiple public NetHack servers and provides consolidated statistics to users. Users with identical nicks on multiple servers can enjoy a summary view. Since there's no search, look under z-scores for your username if you have at least one ascension.

EbonHack: Tileset-using client for use on NAO, for those who simply can't deal with ASCII.

NetHack Utilities: Want to know how your fully ironclad lvl 17 knight with 8 int and 15 wis would be at casting magic missile or learning identify? Find out here. May not apply to 3.6.0+

Mandevil's NetHack Price Identification Tool

NetHack Logfile Reader (download): Detailed game stats, broken down into categories. For offline games only. (screenshot). Program and download courtesy of MEaster.

NetHack Patch Database: If you know about compiling NetHack, this is the place for you. Customize your offline version to your liking.

A Tourist Speedrunning Strategy Guide: thoughts and advice on tourist speedrunning based on experience attempting to ascend a tourist in under ten thousand turns.


The NetHack Wiki has an overview page here. Check there for variant homepages and more. Existing online servers analog to NAO are included in the description.

NOTABLE (or not elsewhere listed) SERVERS/CHANNELS:

  • ascension.run: SSH connection, hosts NAO 3.4.3 clone as well as dNetHack, DynaHack, FIQhack, SlashTHEM, NetHack Fourk, NetHack 4, and UnNetHack. Previously known as both nethack.xd.cm and nethack.dank.ninja.

  • IRC channel #slashemextended for Slash'EM Extended. SSH connection at em.slashem.me ssh://slashem@slashem.me.

  • Hardfought:

    ssh nethack@hardfought.org
    , hosts 3.4.3-nao and 3.6.1-dev as well as Grunthack, dNetHack, FIQhack, NetHack Fourk, and UnNetHack.

  • IRC channels offered by Elronnd


The Saga of Ellora the Elven Archer (.pdf link!): A fascinating story of someone both roleplaying and finding out about the mechanics of the game at the same time. Worth reading, try it out at least once!

Hearse: Bones file sharing for offline players.

#NetHack Quote Database: NetHackers say the darndest things!

Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES): Among many other things, allows displaying screenshots within the post.

The most common phrases the members use:

move again
holy water
come back
away from
learning experience

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