Nearly Impossible Odds

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Nearly impossible feats of achievement, those with great degree of difficulty or incredible odds.#### Description #Sir, the probability of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately...

##Never tell me the odds?


  1. Submissions must be nearly impossible feats of achievement, those requiring incredible odds and/or a great degree of difficulty. Posts based entirely around skill and/or persistence, including deliberate tricks and stunts, are not allowed.

  2. Do not mention odds or probabilities anywhere, in the post title or comments.

  3. Do not repost content that's been posted here within the past 6 months or is in our Top 50 of All Time.

  4. Faked and easy-to-fake posts are prohibited - no r/untrustworthypoptarts


  6. Image and gif submissions must be hosted at imgur, gfycat or reddit. youtube.com submissions are not allowed

  7. No hate speech of any kind. No witch-hunts, brigading or harassment

  8. Be nice. Follow the site rules and reddiquette.

  9. Please mark your posts as NSFW when appropriate.

  10. Digital juxtaposition posts that are not incredibly rare or odds defying will be removed. Try /r/Juxtaposition for those types of posts. If your post is something like "these posts lined up in my feed" you will be given a 2 week ban.


This list may be modified in the future

  • 1: Receipts or anything related to monetary balances.

Gas prices, change amounts, receipt balances, money left in bank account, etc.

  • 2: Four Leaf clovers (or greater)

We've seen multiple posts of 4, 5, 6, and 7 leaf clovers. They are not as rare as they sound, and many people even have collections of them.

  • 3: Fortune Cookie fortunes

This includes posts such as: Identical fortunes, multiple fortunes in one cookie, and other related posts. These also fall under Rule 4

  • 4: Car mileage and other related gauges

At some point, it's just more impressive that some cars even make it to 123,456 miles, but not odds defying.

This also includes licence plates which have consecutive numbers. Despite this seemingly being rare, we get several of these posts a month.

  • 5: Hitting a dart with another dart

It's relatively easy with good aim and practice. Also, these posts are almost always pictures, which would fall under Rule 4.

  • 6: Eggs with multiple yolks

These also fall under Rule 4.

  • 7: /r/BreathingInformation style posts

  • 8: Images of things that are shaped like other things

  • 9: Defective products, including packages of candy or snacks that are all one color

  • 10: People wearing similar clothing, or wearing clothing with a pattern that matches some other pattern (such as the pattern on a bus seat)

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