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A subreddit for news, commentary, and discussion about President Barack Obama#### Description

News and information about President Barack Obama

Some guidelines:

-Basic sub rule: Be civil

-This is a subreddit for news, commentary and discussion about former US President Barack Obama only. Political stories that do not directly involve or affect Obama as an individual, or do not discuss his active political involvement in a matter should be submitted to r/politics instead.

-While we welcome debate, stories and comments that are demonstrably false and/or make substantial allegations without credible evidence (e.g., "Obama still won't show us his birth certificate", or "It is well known that Obama was raised as a SUNNI MUSLIM", or "Obama is secretly gay", etc), and racist slurs and racially tinged commentary will be removed, and are grounds for an instant ban.

-Satire, gags, memes, image macros, animated GIFs, and videos that simply use the President's likeness are not considered "news and information about Obama".

-Posts should be about recent news and information directly related Barack Obama.

-No editorialized titles, spam, or reposts.

-Original sources only. No blogspam or rehosted/republished articles.

-Only or mostly posting one website is considered self-promotion and is banned from this sub.

-No insults, trolling, profanity, bigotry, or racism. Nothing that is rude, vulgar or offensive.

-No polls, surveys, or petitions. No class projects or assignments.

-No Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media except for official Obama pages/posts.

-No blog posts.

-No links that launch another program or app, eg Spotify.

-No crossposts or links to other subs on reddit.

-Only videos of Barack Obama's speeches and interviews from original sources (such as C-SPAN or WH.gov). No rehosted videos. No other videos. No animated GIFs.

-No podcasts or streaming.

-No articles behind hard paywalls or requiring registration.

-Do not post links to articles or photos as a text post.

-All articles must be in English.

-All photos essays must have photos credited to their source and the photographer(s) acknowledged.

-No URL shorteners or archive links.

-No posts that are just an image.

-No slideshows or multi-page articles.

-No ALL CAPS words or text, no bold text, and no #Headline text formatting! This is like SHOUTING and is considered rude. No ALL CAPS TITLES, even if the original headline was in all capital letters. No emoji. 😟

-No posts that are primarily about Trump.

-No posts that are primarily about Biden's Presidency.

-No posts just about Joe Biden, or about Joe Biden invoking the legacy of the Obama presidency.

-No posts that are just about /r/ObamaCare (ACA - Affodable Care Act) that don't have any direct involvement by Barack Obama.

-No posts that are only about Michelle Obama. Post in /r/MichelleObama instead.

-No posts just about Sasha or Malia. No posts just about Sonny or Bo.

-Additional posts on the same topic with no new info will be deleted.

-Don't modify article titles unless the title is excessively vague or clickbait-ish

Please message the moderators with reports of infractions, and include a permalink to the post. Your reason for filing a report should be stated in the message. It should be noted that reports are for spam, clearly irrelevant posts and demonstrable misinformation (race-baiting, birther conspiracy theories, etc). However unpopular they may be, statements and beliefs not flatly contradicted by fact will be judged by the community by popular vote.

The report link is not a super-downvote.

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