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Rank|Country|G|S|B|T :--|:--|:--|:--|:--|:-- 1|Norway (NOR)|15|8|11|34 2|Germany (GER)|10|7|5|22 3|United States of America (USA)|8|9|6|23 4|People's Republic of China (CHN)|8|4|2|14 5|Netherlands (NED)|7|5|4|16 6|Sweden (SWE)|7|5|4|16 7|Switzerland (SUI)|7|2|5|14 8|Austria (AUT)|6|7|4|17 9|ROC|5|9|13|27 10|France (FRA)|5|7|2|14


  • Every post must contribute to the discussion of the Olympics
  • We do not care about how tenuous the connection is other than the below.
  • No Redditquette Violations
  • No threats, personal invective, or personal insults.
  • No racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs.
  • No bashing athletes or teams on the basis of national origin or identity, but criticizing any countries or their National Organizing Committees accused of perfidy is fair game.
  • You are in r/Olympics. Baron de Coubertin founded the Olympic movement in an effort to foster goodwill between nations. We expect you to embrace that, the Olympic spirit.
  • No Memes and no Low-Effort Posts
  • However, .gif posts of video taken directly from Olympic events will be allowed on a case by case basis.
  • If you post a standalone picture of an Olympian without any context or story, you have just submitted a low-effort post.
  • No Superfluous or Duplicate Posts
  • When a prominent athlete does something memorable, there seems to be a rush of users gunning for a karma grab. It's fine if you want to start the discussion of the event, but once a conversation has been established and is gaining traction, please understand that there is limited room on the front page and avoid posting any superfluous or duplicate submissions, which will be removed anyway.
  • We do not want to discourage you from making a related post if your submission has a fresh take or a contrarian message. A "related" post is different from a "duplicate" post. Alternate views of an important moment, for example, are very welcome.
  • Ask yourself this if you are about to make a possible duplicate post: "Do I have something new to say or show, or do I just want the sweet, sweet karma?"
  • No Nudity or Overt Sexualization
  • For submissions specifically about the attractiveness of individual athletes, please visit our friends at /r/Ohlympics.
  • Wardrobe malfunctions are specifically excepted.
  • No Politics
  • This includes discussion about geopolitics, international relations, and past civil wars.
  • We were overwhelmed by such subjects during Tokyo at the expense of people who wanted to talk about the games.
  • Anyone found engaging this behaviour will be banned until Paris. There will be no warnings and we will have a very short trigger. We simply cannot and will not allow this to happen again.
  • Do not engage the trolls. We will get rid of them as soon as we see them.
  • No Posts about Illegal Streaming
  • If you promote an illegal streaming service or a VPN, you will be perma-banned.
  • No Posts about Television Coverage
  • There will be a stickied post in which you can complain about your broadcaster and tell everyone how much better somebody else's is, but unless Savannah Guthrie narrates the Parade of Nations after asking Mike Tirico on-air how many quaaludes constitute an overdose, no individual posts complaining about your television network are otherwise allowed.
  • No Posts about Beijing as the Host City
  • We recognise that many of you are troubled by the People's Republic of China hosting these games. This is a fair point.
  • Please remember that the athletes had nothing to do with this.
  • No Posts about how the Medal Tally is Sorted
  • Sports journalists In most countries sort the medal table by total golds, but the practise in the United States is to sort by total medals. It has been this way for quite some time. The IOC and the Associated Press take no position on the difference. Quit bitching about it.
  • There will be a stickied thread where those of you who simply can't take it may vent freely.
  • Please remember that no country "wins" the Olympics: it is the athletes who win.

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