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New Traders: See the Options Questions Safe Haven thread#### Description

Let's Talk About:
The Greeks
Current Plays and Ideas
New Traders: See the Options Questions Safe Haven thread


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  3. Give sufficient details about your option strategy and trade to discuss it. This is a courtesy to readers.
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  5. Don't ask for trades. Low effort posts amounting to "Ticker?" are taken down. Think for yourself. Put forward an analysis, general strategy, trade rationale and option position details & exit plan for critique and discussion.
  6. New traders: Use the Options Questions Safe Haven weekly thread for basic questions, and read the educational links there.
  7. Don't post FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions) as new threads: New threads that ask the same type of question repeatedly push new topics off of the front page. We have a wiki with a FAQ section that you can check first, and we have a weekly Q&A thread where frequently asked questions are welcome.
  8. Not a trading journal. If describing success, failure, or posting account balances, completed trades, active or hypothetical positions: state your market and stock analysis, strategy, and option trade rationale, and trade details so others can understand, discuss, critique, and learn.
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