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A place to discuss penny stocks freely. Please keep in mind that this is an open forum, and advice from Reddit may not be in your best interest.

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  • This is a place to discuss penny stocks. It is highly recommended that you do your own research before purchasing shares of any kind.
  • Much of the discussion here involves stocks that are not listed on Robinhood. For Robinhood users, please consider this resource as it may yield better results: https://www.reddit.com/r/RobinHood/
  • If you're new, check out this sub for some information on the basics. https://www.reddit.com/r/PennyStockTraining/


  • Posting requires 100 karma and 10 days on Reddit,
  • Commenting will require 10 karma and 10 days on Reddit
  • Submissions as of February 1st, 2021 will have to be either text posts or images. If you are trying to link to another site, such as Marketwatch or Twitter for relevant news, please make a text post about it with thorough detail and then link it inside the post. If you have questions about this new rule, please contact the mod team.
  • Please search before posting. There are a lot of questions that get answered here that continue to be asked. Some examples of questions that should not be submitted: "What is the best stock screener to use?" "What broker do you use?" "Do you make money off of this?" etc., etc..


  • Treat each other with respect and avoid cuss words towards others or face perma-ban unless appealed.
  • Promoting ANY services, newsletters, or social media, is forbidden unless mod approved.
  • Low-effort, BROKER QUESTIONS, lack of DD, buy or sell?, thoughts? threads on the main sub are BANNED
  • Posting requires 100 karma and 10 days on Reddit, commenting will require 10 days and 10 karma.
  • No memes or gain/loss posts except on Saturday. Images MUST be penny stock related.
  • If linking an external site (YouTube, blog, etc.), summarize content in the BODY of the Reddit post.
  • Doxxing will result in an immediate ban.
  • Artificially pumping tickers is forbidden
  • Cryptocurrency is not allowed in this subreddit. Use r/CryptoMarkets
  • Only pennystocks are allowed. Pennystocks are defined as any stock under $5.


The most common phrases the members use:

second quarter
kidney disease
electric vehicle
energy storage
full year

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