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Your community-run home for all things PlayStation on Reddit! Console/game discussions, news, support, trophy/media sharing and more!#### Description

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What is /r/PlayStation?

Your community-run home for all things PlayStation on Reddit! Console/game discussions, news, tech support, trophy/media sharing and more!


####1. Be Respectful to Others

Keep it civil and do not personally attack other users. Treat others with respect. There is no place for harassment, abuse, hate speech, insults, threats, or trolling.

####2. Stay On-Topic

Conversation must relate to PlayStation culture, hardware, games, or services in some way. Discussion of other brands or products is allowed only if there is a comparison or connection back to PlayStation.

Additionally, steering conversations to become overly-political or no longer in the spirit of gaming is not allowed. Appendix A1 further details and clarifies moderation of what is "overly-political" content.

3. No Spoilers

Do not post unmarked spoilers or put any spoilers in a post title. Spoiler formatting is simple to use and works on most mobile devices as well.

4. No Piracy

Do not create posts or comments seeking to actively engage in piracy, hacking, jailbreaking, gamesharing, account sharing, or distribution of game images with other community members.

5. No Solicitation

Solicitation of transactions of any digital or physical products, goods, services, or accounts is not allowed. This includes buying, selling, trading, contests and giveaways, and begging.

Sharing your PlayStation-themed original content (images, art, videos, etc.) is allowed, but posts strictly asking for account following or purchases of your content is not allowed.

6. No Impersonating Sony / SIE

Do not post claiming to be an employee of Sony or Sony Interactive Entertainment. If you wish to engage with this subreddit in an official manner on behalf of your company, please contact the Mod Team via Modmail.

###Additional Rules Information.

#Other PS Subreddits:

####Spoiler Guide

For simple spoilers, use the following formatting:

**Spoiler** >!The La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!?!<

It will look like this:

Spoiler >!The La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!?!<

To use labeled spoilers, you can put a prefix before the word spoiler to add context like the following example:

**God of War Spoiler** >!BOY!!<

It will look like this:

God of War Spoiler >!BOY!!<

#Game Subreddits:

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#####Multiplatform PS Subreddits

#####Other PS Subreddits

PlayStation Discord

Please note that this subreddit does not have an official Sony / SIE / PlayStation presence. The subreddit consists of other community members just like yourself.

The most common phrases the members use:

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