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A sub for pro-choice redditors who care about preserving reproductive rights for girls, women, and all pregnant people.

Abortion bans are reproductive abuse and sex based violence on people afab. We are united in our cause to end reproductive abuse for all people who can experience pregnancy.#### Description

A sub for pro-choice redditors who care about preserving a woman's reproductive rights.


  1. No anti-choice spam or propaganda Anti-choice spam and propaganda will be removed and the poster will be banned.

  2. Non pro-choice expectations If you are non pro-choice, you're welcome to come here and ask respectful questions. Pleading with us to change our minds is not a respectful question. Calling us murderers is not respectful. If you are genuinely interested in engaging in dialogue with us, you are expected to remain civil. This includes accepting answers you are given instead of pressing a point that has been explained. If you are not here to learn but to debate, you will be banned. Brigading will result in an automatic ban.

  3. Screenshots, direct links, & brigading If sharing conversations from elsewhere on Reddit, take a screenshot and block out the usernames. No direct links, no brigading. Avoid making too many of these posts; if there are a lot of them, they may get removed.

  4. Anti-choice article/video post requirements Anti-choice-leaning arguments and/or articles should have a descriptive title & be made as text posts, with links within the post. If it's a video, you should describe the argument sufficiently that watching the video is not necessary for a response to be made. Make it clear why you hope to get a pro-choice perspective on it. It should remain clear that a topic is being opened for discussion. It's a subjective call and moderators may still remove content if they feel it is dominating the sub.

  5. "Pro-Choice Only" post flair The "Pro-Choice Only" post flair is meant as a way to distinguish topics meant for just fellow pro-choicers to interact on. Not every pro-choicer wishes to engage with or hear from anti-choice views on this sub. If you are anti-choice, please refrain from commenting on these posts, else your comment will be removed and you will be banned.

  6. Be civil to pro-choice users We are all a team with a goal in common. Therefore, please act accordingly. If you have a problem with another user, work it out privately. Name calling and personal attacks are also not tolerated. Let's keep this subreddit related to gaining abortion rights. You're also expected to behave in a way that won't embarrass our sub in a screenshot and cause more brigading. Don't start a brigade.

  7. Civility towards non-pro-choice users There are people who genuinely want to engage in dialogue with us. Non-pro-choice users are expected to remain respectful & civil, & in return, we expect pro-choicers to return the civility. If a non-pro-choice user breaks the rule, users are allowed to enact 'Thunderdome' where pro-choicers can decide if they wish to continue to remain civil or not. This can be used ONLY regarding non-pro-choice users who decide to be hostile. Do not call 'Thunderdome' solely because a user is non-pro-choice.

  8. Banned words/comparisons for non pro-choicers Non pro-choicers are banned from using the following words and comparisons: murder, Nazi, Holocaust, genocide, slavery, Hitler, slut, whore, selfish, evil, etc. as well as iterations &/or coupled words to be suggestive of the aforementioned words and comparisons. This list is not exhaustive. Any such usage will result in an immediate ban. Words found to be within the spirit of this rule may result in a ban & is up to moderator discretion.

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from existing
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