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QYBS is a subreddit for screenshots and images of people calling out bullshit. Possibly with proof.#### Description #Click to filter out posts:

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A subreddit for pictures, images, or screenshots of users calling out bullshit. No text posts or videos! Proof is encouraged.

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6. Stay Civil. No Hate Speech! Remember the human. Keep it civil. Don't use racial slurs or homophobic language.

7. Don't link to the bullshit, bullshitter, or any personal info. Don't name the bullshitter in the comments, or link directly to the bullshit involved. Similarly, don't request personal info/usernames that are covered up in the post.

8. Harassment/Brigading Not Allowed.This subreddit does not allow downvote-brigading, harassment-brigading, or witch-hunting. This behavior will NOT be tolerated. Always follow Reddiquette. If a post generates a downvote brigade, it will be removed even if it doesn't violate the other rules. We are merely observers.

9. Common Repost. Posts in the Common Reposts Folder are not allowed to be reposted. If the bullshit you're posting isn't in the folder, it's up to the moderators to determine if a repeated post is "common" or not. If you repost old content with an identical title, we'll assume you're a bot and give you a permanent ban.

10. Recent Repost. Please, check if your post has already been posted recently before submitting. Also, no reposts of Top/Popular posts!

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  • 1. THIS SUBREDDIT IS NOT A DOWNVOTE BRIGADE. If you ask for or provide others with links or personal information which would allow others to harass the BSer, you will be banned.

  • 2. Be excellent to each other. Trolling, flaming, racism, and hate speech are prohibited.

  • 3. Doxxing, harassment, advocating violence and brigading are not allowed, and are a violation of Reddit sitewide rules.

  • 4. Reddit links must use NP. DO NOT LINK TO THE ORIGINAL PARENT/COMMENT!


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exact same
proven wrong

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