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The redesign is bad, don't use it.

This is an anti-free speech, pro LGBT community that supports Black Lives Matter. If you don't like it, post somewhere else.

What does this mean, you ask. It means:

Nazis, Bigots, Racists, Trolls will be banned & punted to the Admins.

We reserve the right to moderate at our discretion.#### Description ###Proudly part of ProCSS

###Because the redesign sucks.

#####Angry? Annoyed? A tad bit peeved? We want to hear it.

#####Also check out r/angry, for when a simple rant's just not enough!

#####Get it off your chest!

###Do not use this sub as your personal army.

  1. No witch hunts. Do not try to call out specific subs, mods, companies, or individuals.

  2. Personal attacks, slurs, bigotry, etc. are not permitted and may result in a ban without warning. Just don't be a complete dick, vent like an adult.

  3. We're here to help, but include a link to your post when messaging us.

  4. All other site-wide rules are strictly enforced

  5. I would like a ham sandwich

  6. We reserve the right to moderate at our own discretion.

  7. This sub stands against misinformation on Reddit. Uncivil disinformation promulgators shall be banned and muted.

  8. No users under age 18, physically, emotionally, or mentally.

  9. The One True Rule

  10. Rants about religion belong in their respective subs; r/exmuslim and r/exchristian. You might enjoy r/atheism also.

  11. No Steve's allowed.

  12. Don't be a dick. Empathy is rewarded, being horrible will get you a one-way trip to Bansville. You've been warned.

  13. Meow

  14. Turtles are friends, not food.

  15. Adverb facts only


^^^^^This ^^^^^is ^^^^^an ^^^^^anti-free ^^^^^speech ^^^^^space. ^^^^^Different ^^^^^opinions ^^^^^are ^^^^^not ^^^^^welcome.

The most common phrases the members use:

fuck fuck fuck
high school
healthy food
mental health
feel like

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