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This is a subreddit devoted to cute little animols such as puppers, cates and turtols, and all sorts of other cute animols :)#### Description This is a subreddit devoted to cute little animols such as puppers, cates and turtols if you have some cute turtles post other animols if you want to ok

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  1. Be kind please

The most important rule! Our sub is intended as family-friendly, so you are encouraged and required to be kind to others. Insults, attacks, flaming, hate speech, and general unkindness will not be tolerated. Depending on severity, this may lead to a ban.

  1. No references to or depictions of harm

Any reference to harming animals, or an animal harming others, is not tolerated. Note: this includes references towards eating the subject of the photo, i.e. a pig or cow. This rule is strictly enforced, and violations will often lead to a permanent ban. Not knowing of this rule is not a valid reason for removing your ban. Animals that are obese to the point of abuse will also be removed.

  1. All animals are allowed, but your post MUST contain an animal, and the animal must be the focus.

While our sub is based on puppers, we allow any sort of animal, as long as it's cute! However, your post must contain an animal. Posts consisting only of collars, stickers, t-shirts, human children, etc, will be removed. Art is allowed, but the post must contain a photo of the animal in question. Posts that are primarily human-focused (including babies) will be removed - no selfies with a small blurry dog in the corner.

  1. No swearing, the puppers don't like. [Includes soft swearing]

Our commitment to kindness and family friendly atmosphere means that we do not allow swear words of any kind on the sub, regardless of strength. All swears must be replaced by alternatives like 'heck, 'gosh', 'dang', etc. Alternatively, consider rewording your sentence to not need it at all. Note: "Soft swearing", such as b**k, b%&k, or b0rk, is equally disallowed. Attempts to intentionally evade the swear filter will result in a ban.

  1. Put effort into your post. No asking for upvotes or "Reddit, meet X" titles.

Low effort posts are not appreciated and are often removed - please put some effort into your title. 'Cliche' style posts, such as asking for upvotes will be removed. (Examples include titles like "Reddit meet Loki", "My good boy!" "Loki, my 5 year old corgi", "Look at my new pupper", or "New addition to the family!"). Tell us more than just their name, breed and/or age! Before posting, think to yourself what makes your pupper rare!

  1. Keep it positive. No sad content and grief threads.

Rarepuppers aims to be a fun, happy place where viewers can see cute, silly content. Stories of abuse, death, or violence towards animals, while important to bring awareness to, are not a good fit for this sub. Other communities, such as /r/PetLoss and /r/OldManDog are a better fit for posts about losing your companion. If you really wish to share your pet here in their final days, please don't mention the end of their life in your title.

  1. OC is preferred. Stolen content is not allowed.

Our favorite posts are those that come from you! We often pin new OC to the front page each day, and we love seeing photos of your pets and animals. To this end, we disallow any sort of stolen content, or highly crossposted content. This includes screenshots of Twitter posts, word-for-word reposts from /r/aww, and other such cases. Exact letter-for-letter reposts will lead to a ban.

  1. Frequent and recent reposts are discouraged.

If the photo you'd like to post has been shared in the last few weeks, or just a lot in general, we may remove it. Any post on our top all time will also be removed. New and fresh content is important on our sub.

  1. Politics, as well as military or police animals, are not allowed.

Due to causing far more trouble than it's worth for a sub of this nature, discussion of politics is not permitted on this sub, and will be removed. Once again, this includes in the context of a joke. For this same reason, we do not allow posts of dogs or animals in the service of the police or military.

  1. Puppertalk is encouraged and welcomed, complaints about it are not.

We get that not everybody likes our lingo, and that's fine. There are many other animal themed subs for you to browse, and we're totally okay with you steering clear of us. However, this does not give you a license to be rude to our users about how they speak. Complaints and high-horsing about spelling and pupperspeak will be removed and may lead to a ban. Just ignore it and go somewhere else.

  1. No adult content. This is a family friendly sub.

We do not accept adult content. Sexual references, drug references, and other content of this type will be removed, even implied or in the context of a joke.

  1. No breed-shaming.

Doggos and other pets come in all sorts of breeds. Some are healthier than others, but nevertheless, they are all deserving of love and attention! While we don't condone unhealthy breeding practices, we don't disallow sharing content based on the breed of the animal. This also applies to breeds that are commonly seen as dangerous (e.g. pit bulls). Comments about the danger the pet may pose are not allowed, and may result in a ban.

  1. Limit of three posts per user per day.

Do not post more than 3 posts in a 24 hour period of time, this will be considered spam. If you have many related pictures to share, it may be a good idea to post them as a single gallery, instead of separately. Making more than three posts in a 24-hour period is considered spamming.

Please remember that this subreddit is not the place to ask for / give medical advice. Please talk to a veterinarian if your pet is sick.

This subreddit stands against hate speech

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