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  1. All recipes must be formatted properly. (you'll get an orangered on comments). All posts require mod approval How to submit a well formatted recipe can be found here... [OR SEE THIS EXAMPLE HERE] (https://www.reddit.com/r/recipes/comments/eetr3b/hot_toddy_with_charred_orange_perfect_for_getting/fbwh5l5/)...or try these tips One hyper link per recipe.
  2. All posts must have a formatted text recipe. Blog/YT/IG/Tweeter links can only be in the formatted text recipes and users must follow site wide self promotion guidelines of posting 1/10. Url shorteners, bit.ly and amazon links are not allowed. One link per post. Deletes and reposts without mod direction will result in account removal.
  3. No food porn. No polls. No excessive self promotion without engagement.
  4. Link post must contain the formatted recipe in the comments. We only allow direct post links from imgur.com and i.reddituploads.com. VIDEO POSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Self posts may contain links, but the recipe must be formatted and approved.
  5. Recipe titles should be clear and concise.

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