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A place for Red Sox fans to discuss their favorite team. Whether you're from New England or beyond, all are welcome.#### Description ##Fenway Park Visitor Guide

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November Schedule:

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AL East Standings:

|W|L|GB -|-|-|- Rays|100|62|- Red Sox|92|70|8 Yankees|92|70|8 Blue Jays|91|71|9 Orioles|52|110|48

Recent Stats:

L10|Streak|Home|Road :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: [5, 5]|W3|49-32|43-38

2021 Batting Leaders

Stat|Player|Total -|-|- H|R Devers|165 XBH|R Devers|76 HR|R Devers|38 RBI|R Devers|113 BB|X Bogaerts|62 SB|C Vázquez|8 AVG|X Bogaerts|.295 OBP|X Bogaerts|.370 SLG|R Devers|.538 OPS|R Devers|.890

2021 Pitching Leaders

Stat|Player|Total -|-|- W|E Rodriguez|13 SV|M Barnes|24 HLD|A Ottavino|22 IP|N Eovaldi|182.1 SO|N Eovaldi|195 AVG|N Eovaldi|.253 WHIP|N Eovaldi|1.190 ERA|N Eovaldi|3.750

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