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A community for rockets, big and small.#### Description


Everything from the Saturn V to ion thrusters to model rockets with your family.

Professional, amateur, theoretical... Engineers, scientists and physicists, and everyone else welcome.

PM a mod if you have credentials for special flair. Indicate if you are a student, professional, or have your certification from a rocketry association. Please include your NAR/TRA number if that is the case.

###Rules 1: Be respectful

It's not that hard. If you get enough reports, and the mod team believes they're valid, you may be temporarily muted or banned. If a pattern of behavior emerges about you, you may be permanently banned.

2: Don't promote unsafe or illegal activities

Case-by-case. Think: Might my post encourage others to do things that could hurt them or break the law?

3: No offtopic posts

Even though you probably want to post a Cool Thing™, if it's not directly related to rockets it belongs somewhere else. Memes belong in r/rocketrymemes, not here.

Note: Interpretation and enforcement of the above rules is wholly at the discretion of the moderator team.

###National Clubs Check out these national aerospace clubs for students!

  • SEDS
  • AIAA

Looking for a rocketry club? Look no further!

###Subreddits Rocketry

  • /r/modelrocketry
  • /r/amateurTVC

General Space and Aerospace

  • /r/aerospace
  • /r/aviation
  • /r/engineering
  • /r/space

General Telemetry and Payloads

  • /r/amateurradio
  • /r/Arduino

Aerospace Companies

  • /r/Aerojet
  • /r/nasa
  • /r/OrbitalATK
  • /r/spacex
  • /r/virgingalactic

###Forums Great reading material and/or advice!

###Resources Check out these resources for additional help!

###Reading Material In addition to the advice here, you should be learning on your own. Here are some good resources to get you started.

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