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Discussion about Ron Paul, his Campaign for Liberty organization, related political issues and other libertarian-leaning candidates for public office in the United States.#### Description #Alternate subreddit

This subreddit allows lively debate, and while we do try to remove obvious flamebait, that may include posts some would consider trolling. An alternative exists at /r/Paul which is more strictly moderated. Note that this is a clarification, not a change in the policies of either subreddit.


Please read the detailed rules if you haven't yet

  • Don't be a jerk - in particular, please substantiate controversial claims so as to avoid posting flamebait
  • Be civil and debate honestly - in particular:
  • No name-calling or personal attacks even if you think the other person is a terrible troll. This will be enforced mercilessly.
  • /r/ronpaul is not your personal army - don't link to flame wars or ask for help winning some other thread
  • Links to merchandise - any link selling something needs to explicitly state who the money goes to
  • ~~No memes or non-newsworthy pictures in top-level posts (comments are fine). Post to /r/ronpaulmeme instead.~~ (rule suspended post-election)
  • Stay on topic - in particular:
  • No conspiracy theories. Credible evidence of election misconduct is fine. Otherwise, post to /r/conspiracy.
  • See also: reddiquette and the reddit FAQ.


The most common phrases the members use:

property rights
free trade
private property
united states
there were

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