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What is Rule34? Simple. "If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions." This is an adult only subreddit. You must be over the age of 18 or whatever age limit your local law deems fit to view adult content.#### Description #Subreddit Rules ( Hover )

I. Properly title & format your post.

  • Include every character's name in the title.
  • If the artist's name is visible on the art or you know who it is include the artist's name in (circle brackets).
  • Include the series name the character(s) are from in [square brackets].
  • Full details wiki.

II. Properly link flair your post.

  • A Link Flair is a tag that you must assign a post after you've uploaded it.
  • After you post your content, simply select flair and pick from the drop down menu. flair is located after un-nsfw & report buttons.
  • Do not write what flair it is in the title.
  • Full details wiki.

III. No random / miscellaneous dumps.

  • No more image dumps of random Rule34.
  • Every single post needs to follow the above rules.
  • If you have a collection from a single artist, you still need to post them separately.
  • Only those albums are allowed that are from the same series, of the same character, by the same artist in the same set.
  • Full details wiki.

IV. No Child Porn.

V. No Repost before 120 days.

  • Check via search bar before posting.
  • Sort by
    & go through all posts going back 4 months.
  • Full details wiki.

VI. Limit of 10 posts per day.

VII. UnNumbered Rules

####Extensive details for LINK FLAIR.

##Link Flair Categories


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#####3/8/20 Rule34 Status Update #7 is GO!!!