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“Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

This subreddit is for those who have questions about how to improve any aspects of their lives, from motivation and procrastination, to social skills and fitness, and everything in between. It is also a subreddit to share your helpful and civil ideas, tips, and advice on how others can improve themselves.


#Welcome to r/SelfImprovement


  1. Posts should generally fit the "self improvement" mindset. You should be discussing or asking about something you'd like to personally improve, or offering tips and advice on how others can improve their lives. It helps to add your age, gender, and pertinent info in order to get more replies and assistance.

  2. No photos, links or videos allowed in posts or comments.

  3. No self-promotion or advertising. You may not invite others to join a company, group, channel, site, etc. you've created (free or not). Do not ask people to PM you. If you are not sure: Ask before posting. (We are very strict about this.)

  4. Please do not ask for, or give away any personal information regarding yourself, or another user.

  5. Be sure to be civil. We're all here to discuss our own personal self improvements, not to bash each other. Do not encourage violence or criminal behavior, even as a joke. It's an instant ban. Also against reddit rules.

  6. Abuse, bigotry, misogyny, misandry, racism, homophobia, gendered slurs, agendas and encouraging violence are not tolerated in our community and will result in a ban.

  7. A "thank you" is always appreciated when others take time to help you.

Posts may be removed and bans (temporary or permanent) may be issued without warning for violation of these rules.


Have some feedback for us? Is your post not where it belongs? Be sure to send us (the mods) a message if there is anything we can do to make your experience here better.

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