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All things snowboarding, /r/snowboarding or "shreddit" is the home for shredders of all age, cultures, and abilities.#### Description Shreddit - For snowboarders & those who love snowboards.

Please be sure to read the sidebar before posting. As much as we love helping each other out, we really hate repeating ourselves.

RULES (click for detail)

We try to keep /r/snowboarding a friendly place for riders of all skill levels,

  • Please use the DAILY DISCUSSION thread for general Q&A about gear and skills/technique, and any requests for opinions or help, especially for newbie-related questions. If your thread is removed without explanation, it's most likely because it should be posted there.

  • The general rule is photo and video submissions to /r/snowboarding should be of people actually riding on snowboards. If you want to submit a picture of your gear or where you ride, please use the Daily Discussion.

  • NO MEMES: even if the meme in question shows actual snowboarding, memes are not allowed in the sub.

  • KEEP IT CIVIL: Heated discussions are fine, but hate speech and unwarranted ad hominem attacks may be grounds for a ban.

  • SELLING YOUR GEAR? For sale/trade posts are allowed, but all of the relevant information (description, pictures, price/terms) must be posted up front. Also, no repeat posts, please.

  • FOR BEGINNERS: You're welcome to post here, following the rules, but you can also head over to /r/snowboardingnoobs to ask questions. Also, the search function is your friend. We're 99% sure that someone has already asked the same question you have.

  • NO SPAM: As is the policy for all Reddit communities, spam is forbidden.

Additional detail on these rules can be found here. Be aware that that those rules are slightly outdated (update is pending). If there is a discrepancy between those rules and the brief explanations in this sidebar or the judgement of a mod, the latter take precedence.

  • QUESTIONS? If you have a question about the rules, send a polite message to the mods and we'll look into it (provide the link to the thread in question too). None of us are paid for this and we're less likely to be lenient with rules if you're an entitled brat about it. It's regrettable that this has to be said explicitly, but a large number of messages we receive are like this.

Lastly, this is worth repeating since this is something that we have to constantly clarify (99% of modmail is about this): If your thread was removed without explanation, it most likely belongs in the Daily Discussion Thread.

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