Something I Made


Have a cool picture/story/program/comic that you took/wrote/wrote/drew? Feel free to show it off here and see what your fellow redditors think.

Posting rules:

  • Submissions must be something you or a close non-redditor friend/relative made. Someone close enough to answer questions when they pop up.

  • Discussion is important to our community, so please stick around to answer any questions people might have about your process. You will also probably get some useful feedback if you do. If your submission will not create an interesting discussion thread, you should try posting it somewhere else.

  • Selling work through /r/somethingimade is fine as long as you follow the previous rule.

  • If you're looking for help making something, please submit question posts to a different subreddit like /r/crafts, etc.

  • Upvote things if they're cool

  • Downvote things if they break the rules (but make sure to leave a comment explaining)

Posting suggestions

Some online stores don't provide very good images of the final product (and certainly none of the process) and they don't play well with RES which a lot of redditors use. If you're submitting a link from Etsy, you might have better success here linking to an Imgur album and providing an etsy link in the comments.


Cool content is hard to create, and a lot of our users pour a lot of time and energy into their work. Please keep all comments positive. We like to foster an environment where users don't have to fear being criticized for something that they put a lot of work into. If we scare off these users, we'll miss out on all their awesome content.

If you don't like a particular post, offer constructive criticism that can help the creator improve his or her craft.

Please report all harshly critical comments and send a link to the moderators

The most common phrases the members use:

short film

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