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SpacePorn is a subreddit devoted to beautiful space images 🚀🌌. As long as the focus of the image is related to space in some way, it is allowed.

This includes photographs, composites, photoshops, simulation renders, artist's depictions, and artwork.#### Description /r/SpacePorn is a subreddit devoted to high-quality images of space. As long as the focus of the image is of the stars or related to space in some way then it is allowed. This includes artwork as well as photography.

#Submission Rules

  1. Include some context in the title (such as the name of the astronomical object or location where it was photographed)
  2. Only images are allowed
  • Pictures, collages, albums, and gifs are allowed
  • Videos, interactive images/websites, memes, and articles are not allowed
  1. Only images related to space
  • This may include pictures of space, artwork of space, photoshopped images of space, simulations, artist's depictions, satellite images of Earth, or other related images
  1. All images must be hosted by an approved host
  • List of approved hosts
  • If your submission is not on the list of approved hosts, but it is the photo's original source, please use the tag [OS] so your submission is not removed in error. Original source is allowed and preferred over the approved hosts
  • If you took the photo yourself, you can signify this by using the tag [OC] (original content) in the title or by marking the OC post option
  1. No reposts within 3 months or from the top 100 of all time
  • Reposts are allowed if the submission is not one of the top 100 and has not been previously submitted within 3 months
  1. No link shorteners, redirects, or affiliates
  2. No personal information

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