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A place for people to tell their stories!#### Description Welcome to /r/Story! Here you will find other writers and readers alike, sharing, creating, and discussing stories. There are no rules to the type of story you can post, share whatever story you wish.


  1. All posts should be strictly related to a story.

  2. No image-only posts, or memes. Videos will be allowed, but rarely. Please message a mod to get it approved, or else it will be deleted.

  3. Please use constructive criticism rather than Profanity.

  4. Use [NSFW] Tags when appropriate.

  5. GIVE YOUR POST A FLAIR ONCE IT IS POSTED. We are working to get automoderator to do this for us, but as of yet, it is not working. If you know how to use automoderator, please let us know.

  6. If possible, please give credit to the original authors.

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