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"An object time travels if and only if the difference between its departure and arrival times as measured in the surrounding world does not equal the duration of the journey undergone by the object."

---The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


This subreddit is about time travel.

Specifically, it is about the philosophical, scientific, technical and metaphysical aspects of time travel, with a sprinkling of media references to help things along.

Join us here to discuss the topics that will one day allow us to explore the four-dimensional continuum - or at least get older trying.

Please note that this is a non-fiction subreddit.


Here's a summary of the types of post that are appropriate and not appropriate for this subreddit:

THEORY posts. These involve discussion of a particular theory of time travel. This may be philosophical, scientific, technical or metaphysical.

DISCUSSION posts. These posts involve raising a topic for discussion, maybe in the form of question or speculative scenario. "What ifs" and "What would you dos" are appropriate. here.

MEDIA posts. This may consist of discussion of or links to fictional or documentary material that's relevant to the subreddit, such as films, books, TV series, exhibitions.

META posts. For posts which are about the subreddit itself or broader issues relating to the topic.

ARTICLE posts. These are any links to articles about time travel found elsewhere on the web.

CHALLENGE posts. Challenge posts are to discuss and clarify various challenges related to time travel. Discussions of tomorrow's newspaper, Dinosaur video, Time Machine schematics, and future predictions all fit this tag.

No fictional or AMA-style posts. You are very unlikely to be a time traveler. And if you are, we are only interested in reading highly detailed posts about the technical and theoretical aspects involved. Please send a mod message if you wish to do an AMA post. Claims without proof will be ignored and removed. This is not a creative writing sub. Links to claims and hoaxes elsewhere on the internet are fine.

This last point includes broken clock posts. A broken clock (one not telling time properly) is not a sign of time travel, and making such a claim falls subject to the roleplay/fiction and/or claims (which require evidence, more than just your clock). Clock posts showing the results of time dilation experiments are allowed.

If you wish to have more relaxed rules and freely make claims, visit /r/timetravelhub.


🟥RED FLAIR🟥- common theories and claims

🟦BLUE FLAIR🟦- posts with sources in physics

⬛GRAY FLAIR⬛- culture, RP & meta




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