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The Universe is a forum for discussion of topics relating to Astronomy, Astrophysics & Cosmology#### Description #The Universe is a forum for discussion of topics relating to Astronomy, Astrophysics & Cosmology

This subreddit is for all discussions, news stories, and science related to general astronomy, astrophysics, & cosmology.

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  1. Submissions should not consist of personal and uninformed pseudo-scientific rambling. We will be a platform for information and news about the study of the physical universe.

  2. Posts must contain a subject or a question about astrophysics in the title — be specific.
    We will not accept titles containing only the words "help please" or "space question".

  3. Posts must be relevant.
    We like questions, news, published research, course content, educational resources or videos about astronomy, astrophysics, & cosmology.

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  1. Be respectful to other users.
    All users are expected to behave with courtesy. Demeaning language, sarcasm, rudeness or hostility towards another user will get your comment removed. Repeat violations will lead to a ban.

  2. Don't answer if you aren't knowledgeable.
    Ensure that you have the knowledge required to answer the question at hand. We are not strict on this, but will absolutely not accept assertions of pseudo-science or incoherent / uninformed rambling. Answers should strive to contain an explanation using the logic of science or mathematics. When making assertions, we encourage you to post links to supporting evidence, or use valid reasoning.

  3. Be substantive.
    Universe is a serious education/research/industry-based subreddit with a focus on evidence and logic. We do not allow unsubstantiated opinions, low effort one-liner comments, memes, off-topic replies, or pejorative name-calling.

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