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1) No posting of personal information in regards to students, faculty, or anyone else at VCU.

2) Be excellent to each other.

3) Got a question about VCU? Search this Reddit First!

4) Keep posts relevant to VCU, or at least to the MPC & MCV campus areas. If you're unsure, message the mods or submit it to /r/rva or one of the other rva/va subs below.

5) No submissions, images, or comments with the purpose of humiliating, embarrassing, or gossiping about any particular individual. Refer back to Rule #2.

6) Please no spam or self-promotion. These posts will be removed.

  • /r/rva
  • /r/rva_housing
  • /r/RVAbikes
  • /r/Virginia
  • /r/VirginiaPolitics

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Advice for Incoming Freshman

The most common phrases the members use:

spring semester
each other
feel like
anyone else
dorm room

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